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Welcome to our school

Welcome to a wonderful and positive 2015 school year to all students, parents, families and staff.

In 2015, the school will be entering its exciting next phase of education as an Independent Public School (IPS).

Through the collaboration of the School Staff, School Council, P&C and a dedicated team of volunteers, work has been undertaken to develop and improve the School. The transition to an IPS was seen as an opportunity to refresh the image of the School and build on its strong reputation within our community.

Class structures are as follows: Kindy – Sharon Slater and Chris Payne
Kindy/Pre-Primary – Jacky Clarke (Tue – Fri, Michelle Cuccaro and Judy Hawrylak (Mon/Tue)
Kindy Pre-Primary – Tracie Shepherd, Peta Gornall, Rachel Fairclough, Judy Hawrylak (Friday)
Year 1/2 – Anneke Schoenmakers
Year 1/2 – Alma Lydiate (Wed – Fri), Cassie Thomson (Mon – Wed)
Year 1 /2 – Maureen Brown (Mon – Wed) and Vicki Richards (Wed – Fri)
Year 3/4 – Margret Grgich (Mon – Thurs) Jo Jones (Fri)
Year 3/4 – Ngaere Monkhouse (Mon – Thurs), Jacinta Powell (Fri)
Year 3/4 –Rod Mifflin (Mon- Wed), Michelle Spence (Thur-Fri)
Year 5/6 – Rebecca O’Reilly (Wed – Fri), Nikita Hale(Mon – Tue)
Year 5/6 – Nerine Ferguson (Wed – Fri), Jacinta Powell (Mon – Tue)

Languages – Jo Jones (Tue + Thur)
Music – Cassie Thomson (Wed – Fri)
Sport – Michelle Spence (Tue + Wed)
Science – Rebecca O’Reilly (Mon + Tue)
ICT – Colin Brown (various time across the week)

Classes are supported across the week by:
Sue Budd and Leonie Marris
Wendy Edwards and Rachel Fairclough

Our Vision

All staff at HVPS strives to be collaborative and reflective professionals who employ evidence-based practices for the growth of all students
Students at HVPS embrace and value all educational opportunities to become life long learners who contribute to society in a positive way
Community members of HVPS are valued partners, that understand a positive community and school relationship is integral to student learning.

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